Live Music - Does It Really Make A Difference?


The most beautiful and emotional part of any Wedding Day is undoubtedly the Ceremony. The guests all waiting in anticipation, the (often) nervous groom and the imminent arrival of the Bride is such a special time to be a part of. This is why we love what we do! In our experience as both musicians and guests, we can say with absolute certainty that live music elevates a Wedding Ceremony in a way that pre-recorded music never can! While live music may not be for everyone, here is why we think you can never go wrong:

Setting the mood:

We always love the moment roughly 15 minutes before the arrival of the Bride (or Groom!) where we transition from an acoustic playlist to finger-picked guitar. It creates an ambience that can’t be described. Guests begin to take their places, and the Groom starts to prepare himself to experience a moment he will remember for the rest of his life. There is nothing quite so special as experiencing a Bride walking down the Aisle to her soon-to-be husband to the sound of a handpicked song that is special to the both of them. Once the couple are standing together, we continue to play for another 5-10 seconds to allow for everyone to get in place, any dress touch ups, and to give them a few moments to look into each other’s eyes and take it all in!


This point is arguably one of the most important points for live music during your Ceremony. Chances are, a Bride will be so excited to walk down the Aisle that she will walk significantly faster than she did in rehearsal. Or she will be so nervous that she will walk super slowly! If the ink runs out during the signing of your Wedding Certificate or your Flower Girl decides she doesn’t want to walk down the Aisle by herself last minute, the music will not stop. Live music ensures that nobody has to press repeat on the iPod, and that if something small does go wrong, your guests will be none the wiser!

Samantha Heather Photography

Samantha Heather Photography


Unique to you:

We encourage couples to be specific with us in how they want the songs throughout their Ceremony to sound. Often we are trusted to put our own creative spin on things, but either way, there is something very special about knowing your songs will never be played in the exact same way as they are in that very moment. The songs you choose are unique to you as a couple and are special to your day, as opposed to the same songs everyone else has for their Wedding Day!

Your Ceremony will be beautiful no matter what, but if you are looking for that special touch to elevate the ambience and emotion, live music is your answer!