Why should we have live music for our Wedding Day?

Live music adds a special touch to any event, especially a wedding. We can tailor your Ceremony songs to match the timing of your walk down the aisle, as well as with the signing of the registry. Should something take longer (or shorter) than expected, the music will start and finish appropriately with you so your guests will be none the wiser!

Can you look after music for the entire day?

Definitely! Our multiple packages can cover your entire Wedding Day from the Ceremony right through to the Reception, so you have one less thing to worry about - rest assured the music will be taken care of!

How do we decide which ensemble to choose for our Wedding Day?

That is completely up to you! For a Ceremony/Canapés package, the Acoustic Duo is the often the best fit and if your reception is a little more low-key, the Acoustic Duo or Trio can keep it nice and laid back if need be. If you want to dance the night away, our Trio has it covered! Using a well balanced combination of instruments (see Ensembles for the wide range of sounds we can produce with 3 people), we can bring a unique sound to your evening without sacrificing any energy! If you want to get even crazier - opt for our 4 Piece Band or DJ. Upon special request, you can combine Duo/Trio/Band/DJ any way you like throughout the day/night. Please see the Ensembles option under Our Musicians for a more thorough explanation of what these ensembles/packages include.

How do we decide which musicians to choose?

We are absolutely blessed to work with some of the best talent Sydney has to offer, so we definitely do not envy the tough choice ahead of you! Rest assured that no matter your choice, you will have unforgettable music on your special day. Head over to our Our Musicians page to view our videos for each musician, along with the ensembles they are available in.

Who handles my booking?

When you make an enquiry with us, you will be contacted by a member of the SCR team (either Stef, Cam or Ron) via phone at your preferred time of contact. From the initial point of contact, you will deal with the same person all the way through to your big day!

What is included in the DJ package?

If you book a DJ package with one of our incredible DJ’s, we can guarantee that you and your guests will be on the dance floor all night long! Our DJ’s are totally self-sufficient, bringing along with them all their gear as well as some impressive lighting. Although you will primarily be dealing with a member of SCR up til your Wedding Day, the DJ will be in contact with you to confirm song choices and any other relevant details. Our DJ’s have lots of experience in both the club and wedding scene and pride themselves on playing the perfect music throughout the evening, but requests are of course welcomed and you are encouraged to provide a list of up to 100 songs you wish to hear during your reception (as well as a list of songs you definitely do not want to hear)!

How do the live music/DJ combo packages work?

Our live music/DJ packages are our absolute favourite as you get the best of both worlds! For example, our most popular package is the Dinner + Dance Floor Reception (TRIO + DJ) which involves the Trio playing background music throughout dinner and ramping it up for the dance floor with the DJ playing in each 15 minute break, and then the DJ seamlessly taking over at the specified time.

What is included in the Ceremony/Canapés Package?


We will bump in 1 hour prior to the start of the ceremony to ensure we are all set up and ready to go. On arrival we liaise with your celebrant/minister to confirm timings and any necessary cues to ensure everything runs smoothly. A Spotify playlist of acoustic love songs will be played at an appropriate volume from our speaker 30 minutes before the Bride/Groom is due to walk down the Aisle. We will then begin to play some calm finger picked acoustic guitar 10 minutes prior, to set the mood until the Aisle song!


We will play 3 songs of your choosing (Aisle, Signing and Exit) during your Ceremony, and start/end them to seamlessly fit with the day.


If there is no Canapés relocation after the ceremony, we will launch straight into our 1hr Canapés set, which will consist of happy and upbeat love songs to keep the mood going! If there is a relocation, we can discuss this with you in greater detail during the planning stages.

Can we choose the songs for our Ceremony?

Of course! If you have booked a Ceremony/Canapés Package with us, we will learn 3 songs (Aisle, Signing and Exit) at no additional cost. We love getting special requests as sentimental songs can make your day extra special. If you can’t decide on a song or are looking for some inspiration, head over to our Wedding Repertoire and take a look through our favourite/most requested ceremony songs.

What if there is no power available at our Ceremony/Canapès location?

No worries - we have played many beach/garden/bush weddings where this is the case! We have a battery operated speaker that is perfect for Ceremony & Canapès.

What is included in the Reception Package?

If you have booked a Reception Package with us, we play 1 hour sets which consist of 45 minutes of live music, arranged around your schedule, with acoustic love songs played from our Spotify playlist in our 15 minute breaks (unless you have booked a live music/DJ combo - answered above). Your First dance can be played live by our Duo/Trio/Band for no additional cost, otherwise if you have booked a DJ, they will play the original song.

Do you play upbeat songs that will get our guests on the dancefloor? 

We sure do! If you want your guests dancing the night away, we have a wide range of upbeat classics that will keep everyone on the dance floor all night long! The best ensemble option for this would be the Trio, which includes Vocals, Backing Vocals, Guitar (Acoustic and Electric alternate), Looper, Shaker, Stompbox, Bass Guitar, Cajon (Box Drum) and Electronic Percussion. If the Trio is not your style, we also offer a Band or DJ Reception Package. Please see the Ensembles section under Our Musicians for further detail.

Can we see you perform live anywhere before booking you?

Of course! We hold a monthly showcase at a venue called Minato, which is a beautiful space in the heart of Manly for you to hear us live and more importantly, for us to get to know you! Look out for the upcoming showcase dates on our Events Page and on our socials and let us know if you are planning to join us so we can surprise you with a nice bottle of wine!

What information do we need to provide for you before our Wedding Day?

Once your booking has been confirmed with us, we will send through a booking form template to be filled out by you with any details we need to know prior to the day, e.g. location of power, special requests etc.

Do you require a deposit?

Yes, we require a 50% deposit to be paid within 14 days of booking. Your date will locked in once we receive this payment. Deposits are non-refundable in any circumstance, regardless of cancellation date.

What is your cancellation policy?

Due to the nature of our work requiring bookings generally 6-12 months in advance, we require the full payment 28 days prior to the event date. After this date your payment is non refundable. We are unable to refund deposits in any circumstances regardless of cancellation date and final payments within 28 days of wedding date. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions relating to this policy.

Do you charge a relocation fee?

A relocation fee is only charged if it is a significant relocation (i.e. to another venue), otherwise no.

How much do you charge for travel?

As we are based in Dee Why, Sydney, we calculate our travel distance from there. Local weddings (less than a 2hr round trip) incur no charge, but further distances will incur the following charges. Please see the table below for a more detailed outline of our travel rates:

Screenshot (32).png

Do you bring your own equipment?

Yes we are completely self sufficient with an industry standard PA.


If you have a question that has not been covered in our FAQ’s, please don’t hesitate to send us an email at hello@scr-music.com and we will be happy to help you out!