What To Wear As A Wedding Guest


There are many things to take into account when dressing for a wedding. If you are on the Bridal Party, the pressure is off as you more than likely already have your outfit sorted (lucky you!), but guests may not have it so easy! Here are some of the fashion triumphs and pitfalls we have observed!

Outshining the Bride:

This one is a big no-no! We don’t see it often, but unfortunately it does happen from time to time. While you may have found the brightest and most glamorous outfit, or something white and lacy (with the exception of the parents of the Bride/Groom) you need to consider how you would feel if someone was to wear something like that on your wedding day. To each their own, but just some food for thought!

Dress code:

Take some time to observe the dress code on the invitation. Is it smart casual, cocktail or black tie? A quick Google search will help you distinguish between the dress codes that are out there, but you wouldn’t wear a ballgown to a smart-casual event, nor would you wear something very casual such as jeans to a black tie wedding.


Not dressing for the weather:

While we are incredibly blessed to live in Australia where temperatures rarely get below the 10 degree mark, our colder seasons can definitely bring on some serious goosebumps! A lot of ceremonies are held outdoors, and popular wedding destinations such as Bowral or the Kangaroo Valley can get very chilly, so it is wise to have a coat or wrap so you’re not shivering your way through the Ceremony! Otherwise, if you’re lucky, your date may be kind enough to lend you their jacket!


This point ties in with the above and it may seem incredibly obvious, but take the time to think about where the Wedding will be held. If it is an outdoor Ceremony, or a beach Ceremony, you will very quickly learn that stilettos and grass/sand do not mix! Luckily for us there are solutions out there to avoid any mishaps, such as heel caps (clear rubber covers that slip over your stiletto with a thick part at the bottom to avoid you sinking into grass), or a thicker heel (which are often comfier!). On the point of comfort, if you are buying new shoes for a wedding, it is important to wear them in prior to the day to avoid blisters or having to go barefoot! Make the most of the day surrounded by loved ones and dance the night away without having to worry about your feet! (One of the better trends arising in weddings is the supply of thongs or foldable ballet flats so those with sore feet can still enjoy the dancefloor!)


Some tips for the gents:

While most of the above might apply more to women than men, tips such as dressing for the weather and choosing comfy footwear should definitely be considered across the board. Sometimes men have it tougher when dressing for a summertime wedding and sweating through their suits! If you have no idea about the many different materials out there, it may be worth taking the time to research some more breathable fabrics such as cotton or linen which still look great but will feel a lot better than a polyester-based fabric.

Above all, when choosing what to wear to a wedding (or any all-day event for that matter) make sure you choose to wear something comfortable enough to stay in for the whole day!