Our Musicians

Stef, Cam & Ron

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This collective of passionate musicians are the ultimate blend of style and sophistication, and know exactly how to create the perfect atmosphere for each stage of your wedding. Their unique arrangements will captivate you from the get-go, and they love adding your favourite songs to their already extensive repertoire. Stef’s voice is just perfect, complemented beautifully by Ron’s incredible guitar and looping prowess. Combined with Cam’s electronic drum-pad, cajon and funky bass, these three musos have created a sound truly unique to them!  

With the ability to tug at your heart strings, have you tapping your feet and dancing the night away all in the space of just a few hours, this trio will take you on a musical journey you will never forget!


Jaz & Jesse

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If you had to describe these guys in two words, it would be smooth and soulful! This loved-up duo can keep it chilled or ramp it up and will bring a vibe like no other.

Jaz has a voice that is smooth as silk and Jesse could convince you that there is a full band performing with his looping abilities. With a large and diverse repertoire and a wide range of professional musicians at their disposal, these guys have what it takes to make your wedding day extra special.


Grace & Andrew

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If you’re after musicians that your guests won’t stop raving about, look no further than the smooth stylings of Grace & Andrew. Dabbling in all genres and artists from the likes of Fleetwood Mac to Anderson Paak, you’d be forgiven for mistaking their covers as originals with everything they touch turning to gold.

These guys can do anything from Smooth Jazz or Funk to the more contemporary Neo-Soul. With Andrews ability to throw in synth bass over silky chord progressions & Graces Vocal + Guitar loops, these skillful musos lay an incredible foundation for their 5+ piece band to launch off later in the night.


Adrian “A-Shuffle”

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A prominent player in the Sydney club scene, A-Shuffle will keep your guests on their feet all night long! His extensive experience in the music industry has crafted this DJ into a fun, energetic and lively performer with the friendliness and professionalism to match.

With a collection of thousands of songs from all decades and genres and perfectly smooth song transitions, A-Shuffle will make your evening unforgettable!